Summer Camp 2021 Info

Sunday, June 27 - Saturday, July 3, 2021

EARLY BIRD Registration for 7Ranges is due February 15, 2021.  Please notify Mr. Ritzinger NO LATER THAN 3 PM MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15, by call or text at 330-962-3783 with a YES OR NO!

Deposit is $200 youth/$145 Adult. 

Total fees for 7R are:

Early Bird - $280 youth/$145 Adult total (any balance due prior to week of camp); and Regular (non-Early Bird) - $330 youth/$165 Adult.


Click the link above to review the document with pros and cons of our summer camping options for 2021.

Bringing the right equipment to Summer Camp is critical. Use this list to help you plan. Don't forget your hammock if you have one!

Please see information in box below (Summer Camp 2021) regarding pros/cons of attending/not attending 7Ranges this year (as discussed at recent parent meeting). Click it to open the doc. 

There has been no new information from 7R since that meeting.

To view the 7R video as to where things stand at this time, click HERE.  Video is posted about half way down the page (under the Register for Camp Now! banner).  Viewing the entire video is not necessary.  Pertinent sections are at the following time marks:

3:20-9:30                     18:25-19:40

10:58-14:15                   36:50-38:52

16:00-17:50                 39:10-41:45


Click on the image below to download the MB schedule.

7R 2021 MBs.png

Click here for the breakdown of requirements to earn your Camp Honors based on year. If you have any questions, or think you may be ineligible, please talk to Mr. Ritzinger.

Here you will find all Summer Camp information!


Please check back reguraly for new forms and important Summer Camp related things!