WHEN: May 14-16, 2021
WHERE: Rock Creek, OH 
DETAILS: Meet at FUMC Friday, May 14, 6:30 pm.  Leave at 7:00 pm.  Return to FUMC approximately 11:30am Sunday, May 16.
MEDICATIONS: ALL medications must be labeled with scout's name and dosage instructions (original prescription bottle is preferred), and presented to the designated ADULT before we leave FUMC.
WEATHER: CHECK THE WEATHER and plan accordingly!  Use Zip Code 44084 (Rock Creek) or 44085 (Rome Township)
MEALS: Scouts are responsible for bringing and preparing ALL their own food (Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner; Sunday breakfast; any snacks).  They may buddy up with other scouts to share the cost and preparation efforts, as well.
OTHER: This is a "SURVIVAL" campout.  Scouts will need to carry all of their own gear to their patrol campsite.  If you can't carry it, don't bring it.  TENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED.  Scouts can sleep "under the stars" or build a shelter (bring a tarp or use natural materials found).  Hammocks (hanging style only - no frames) are recommended, but not necessary.  On FRIDAY night, all campers will stay in a common location (we don't want to lose any scouts in the dark!).  Patrols will move to their own campsites Saturday morning to spend the day and stay the night there.  We will reconvene as a troop on Sunday morning.  Recommended  gear includes boots, water, mess kit, food, fire starting equipment (Firem'n Chit required), tarp(s), rope/paracord, stakes, hammock, sleeping bag (if desired)/blanket, knife and/or pocket saw (Totin' Chip required), clothing, rain gear, backpack/duffle bag, personal hygiene items (there are NO bathroom facilities for use), personal 1st Aid Kit (Tenderfoot requirement 4d. See Scout Handbook for guidance).