WHEN: June 13-19, 2021
WHERE: Copley, OH 44321 (exact location to be texted)
COST: $35
DETAILS: Arrive NO EARLIER than 6 pm, and NO LATER than 8 pm, Sunday, June 13.  There will NOT be any meal provided Sunday, so eat dinner BEFORE arriving!  Leave Saturday, June 19, between 11:30 am and 12:00 noon.
WHAT TO BRING: Appropriate clothing for the week, including Class A uniform.  Appropriate footwear (boots and tennis shoes); no open toed footwear, please.  Rain gear. Sleeping gear, including tent, cot, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, hammock, tarp, rope, etc. (Note: there is plenty of room for hammocks, but probably not for everyone.  Some will need/desire to use a tent.  Bring your own, or use a troop tent.) Personal hygiene gear, including bathing items (towel, washcloth, soap); private showering will be available.  Water bottle.  Camp chair.  Food service items (plates, cups, cutlery) will be provided, therefore, mess kits are not necessary.  Scout Handbook.  Notebook, pen or pencil.  Non-electronic games (cards, chess, checkers, etc.).  Bicycles are permitted, if desired (storage will be provided in the event of inclement weather). Other typical camping gear for a long term campout (see summer camp list in your troop notebook).  Call or text Mr. Ritz if you have a question about something you want to bring.
MEDICATIONS: ALL medications must be labeled with scout's name and dosage instructions (original prescription bottle is preferred), and presented to the designated ADULT.
WEATHER: Check weather and bring appropriate clothing/gear
MEALS: TBA daily (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided Monday through Friday.  Breakfast will be provided Saturday.).  Please let Mr. Ritz now if you have any food allergies or specific food concerns.
OTHER: Make sure you have an updated medical form on file.
MERIT BADGE OFFERINGS:  Astronomy,   Chess,   *Citizenship in the Nation*,   *Citizenship in the World*,   *Cooking*,   *Family Life*,  *First Aid*,   Game Design,   Music,   *Personal Management*,   Photography,   Programming,   Public Speaking,   Signs/Signals/Codes, and  Woodwork.  Requirements can be viewed by clicking on the Merit Badge above.  

If you are signed up for Cit/Nation, Cit/World, First Aid, and/or Programming, please see the following notes and/or complete the following requirements prior to arrival at camp:

Citizenship in the Nation: DO THE FOLLOWING - read requirements; read or listen to Marin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech (for requirement 6); email one of your senators or congressman (for requirement 8)

Citizenship in the World: DO THE FOLLOWING - read requirements

First Aid:  DO THE FOLLOWING - Requirement 5a - prepare a first aid kit for your home and bring it to camp (look in your Scout Handbook for guidance)

Programming: NOTE - a computer (laptop) will be helpful, but not required.  You can bring your own computer, but its usage will be limited to working on this Merit Badge only.  When not in use, it will be stored indoors.  Internet access will be available via Mr. Ritzinger's home network.